Hello World! Happy New Year 2017!

Hello world! Happy New Year 2017!
My name is Branko, and I live in south-east of Europe.
I am on my path od becoming a web developer.

What can I say, It’s been a tough year, 2016th. for me at least.
I’ve come to realize that my college provides me with no future, it’s very hard if possible at all to find a job in that field, in my country especially.
Also my relationship with my girlfriend which lasted 3.5 years ended last night just a couple of hours before midnight, before the New Year. And some other stuff went down for me to last year. So I have decided to change it all.

I don’t hope that one day is enough for a change, that a man can just wake up on January the 1st and change his life, but I’ve been working on the necessary changes for some time already, I have been establishing quite a few new habits for the last 3 and a half months, but it’s been going pretty slow so far to be honest.

I’ll try to speed it up a bit and try to make even bigger changes in my daily routine.

So far I have been learning some basic stuff, like html, css, a tiny bit of bootstrap, and I have been solving a lot of algorithms in JavaScript. Also I enrolled in CS50x, and I have successfully solved problem sets 0 and 1, and I will continue that course in the 2017th.
But I haven’t been able to finish any real web projects, like a complete web page or an application. So I am going to put more time in making real projects, instead of just solving tiny pieces of problems on different online courses.

Also, I decided to start learning more about web development, and go deeper into it. I have basically no idea how the stuff works behind the scenes, but I am going to learn it.
I have just basic understanding of front-end development, I suck really hard in web design. I believe I COULD learn to do web design, but I am really bad at it. So I am trying to cover up the basics, so I can do at least some basic stuff when I learn the back-end, so I can provide the product in at least some basic nice design.

I think I am going to choose the MEAN stack, not because I know anything about it, and/or prefer it over the others, but I’ve been doing a lot of JavaScript lately, so why not use it and learn the stack based on it?

Also, I don’t want to learn just one stack and learn nothing more beside it. Once I learn how to build stuff with it, I would like to learn about other platforms as well, but for now I’ll just stick with the MEAN stack I think. I have absolutely no knowledge about databases, web protocols, nothing. So I am starting to learn all of that since tomorrow morning.

So, if you have any suggestions for me, any links, books, courses, to suggest to me, I would be grateful for any help that I can get. Also, from time to time I will provide my own review of some of the courses and tutorials online, so others can benefit from my trials and errors, and my experience, and that’s pretty much it for now.

I hope that 2017th will be great for all of you out there, and I hope I will learn a lot during this year.
I wish you all the best, happy New Year!



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